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Emory Point Subdivision
Size: 63 Lot Development
Completion Date : July 2005

In 2002, development began on a 63-lot subdivision along the banks of the Watts Barr Lake in East Tennessee. Due to very poor soil conditions along the lake, the developers were faced with losing many of their best lots because the ground was not suitable for onsite wastewater disposal. To overcome these site limitations the developers opted to install a decentralized wastewater system that maximized their land usage while providing the future homeowners with a managed onsite system through IRM Utility of Baneberry, TN.

Construction of the decentralized treatment and disposal system began in early 2004 by Aquatics Resources, Inc utilizing a complete Quanics system. A cluster of 21 SCAT AeroCell units will treat the anticipated 23,000 gpd flow. Each unit utilizes an open cell foam media to produce secondary quality effluent. Final disposal occurs through the use of drip irrigation
installed in a reserved 4-acre section of the subdivision. Each home will include a Quanics STEP Package to lift the effluent through a small diameter sewer to the treatment and disposal area.

By combining great products, a great installation and continued oversight through a utility, the future residents of Emory Point will be assured years of trouble free service from their onsite wastewater disposal system. If you are interested in IRM Utility assisting with a decentralized wastewater project in your area please call 865-674-0828

Design Specifications

Installation Date - June 2005
22,000 gpd design flow

Septic Tanks
Residential Primary/Pump - 2000 gallon capacity
Recirculation Pump Tank - 30,000-gallon capacity
Disposal Field Pump Tank - 15,000-gallon capacity

Advanced Treatment System
21 Quanics AeroCell Fixed Film Media Filters
1,785 ft3 of Open Cell Foam Media
Loading Rate: 12.32 gpd/ft
Recirculation: 80%

Subsurface Disposal through Drip Irrigation
30,000’ of Pressure Compensating Drip Tubing
Total Area Required: 150,000 ft2
Hydraulic Loading Rate: 0.37 gal/ft/day
Installed in Six Zones
Required Effluent Quality
Secondary Quality
CBOD5: 25 Mg/L
TSS: 30 Mg/L
Disinfection: 20 gpm Pressure UV

Operation and Maintenance
Level 5 Utility Management provided by IRM Utility

IRM Utility