IRM Utility, Inc. is contracted by the land developer to provide services for residential subdivisions and commercial projects.

Integrated Resource Management, Inc. (IRM Utility) is a chartered corporation in good standing with the State of Tennessee. We are pleased to offer utility services. We are a privately owned, public utility with authorization through the Tennessee Regulatory Authority be way of a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (TRA Docket # 03-00467) dated March 16, 2004.



IRM will meet with the managing partners of the development to arrive at a plan that fits all expectations. Next IRM will visit the proposed site and gather information to be able to present stakeholders with recommendations and alternatives.
Once a plan has been chosen, IRM will provide stakeholders with plans that will be used in the approvals process with the state.
IRM Utility shines in accomplishing approvals for problem sites. We will meet with state officials and present your development needs.
Once approvals are achieved IRM will gather all informaion for a quick professional installation.
The backbone of IRM utility is our ability and knowledge in maintaining a safe and effective waste removal system.

IRM Utility